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Real-time visitor monitoring is a powerful and very useful part of SalesRep Live Chat system. Monitoring results will help you to gather details about your average customers’ demand. Don't miss a chance to improve your marketing strategy and increase your sales using the monitoring subsystem of our live chat.

Real-time Monitor
Real-Time Website Visitor Monitoring

View visitor's IP address, host name, city, state, country, browser type, pages visited, referrer address, OS, Browser type and version plus other information using monitoring feature of our live chat system. This information will allow you to better define your marketing strategies.

  Visitor List

   View your current visitors' information in a table in special area of the Live Monitor screen.

  Geo Location Map

  View geographic distribution of your current website visitors on a Google Map. New visitors, and visitors you are currently chatting with, will be highlighted.

  • Your agent can either Accept or hit Busy to send the chat to another logged agent. If none are logged in then the customer is sent to offline contact us form.
  • You can also monitor who is on your site and what page they are on.
  • You can Invite them to chat with you using a private message. This message is displayed in a fly out window on the visitors side.
  • Force Chat allows you to begin a chat with the visitor without them requesting a chat nor accepting a chat invitation.
  • Force Push allows you to open pages on your clients browser.

Visitor Monitoring

Click on the "i" button for a particular visitor in the Visitor List, to view the list of all pages viewed in this visit, along with the time spent on each page

SalesRep's integrated real-time visitor monitor feature enables you to see instantly, view what your visitors are doing on your websites.

See who referred your visitors, where your visitors are from (Country, City, Region), what keywords were used to find your site and the path by which they navigate your website.

Rather valuable marketing information and interact with your site. Your Operators can fully customize the visitor view inside the SalesRep Client to include critical information such as:

  • Referral Information
  • Geo Location (Country, Region, City)
  • Country Flag
  • Operating System (type and version)
  • Browser (type and version)
  • Last visit date/time
  • Time on site (for each page)
  • Navigation history
  • Last active time
  • Number of pages visited
  • Screen resolution, Desktop, Tablet or Phone.
  • Network name, Host, IP
  • Page Title
  • Language
  • Timezone
  • Search String
  • Landing page
  • Visit Counter
    • Real-Time Monitor
    Canned Answers

    • Real-Time Monitor
    Chat Tools

    Message sneak-peek

    You can literally take a look into your customers’ minds using SalesRep's Live Chat. Everything that customers are typing in is visible in the chat window, even if they don’t send it over. Message sneak-peek allows you to both prepare your answer and discover other problems that normally would go unnoticed.


    Chat tagsTagging your chats will give you access to a whole new level of customer data. By adding a short label to a chat, you will be able to look up statistics for a particular type of cases only. For example, you may check what are the current customer satisfaction levels for support chats. You will know exactly which cases are the hardest and require some extra time to handle.

    File sharing. Both your agents and customers can use SalesRep Live Chat to exchange files. No need to use pesky links or email attachments. Simply drag and drop a file on the chat window. SalesRep Live Chat will do the heavy lifting.

    LanguageWhat a better way to greet international clients than in their own language? The chat window has been translated into multiple languages, which will allow you to greet both domestic and international customers in their native tongue.

    Chat history. All chats are stored and can be accessed later on. Using rich filtering options, you will be able to quickly find conversations that include a certain phrase, were handled by a particular agent or happened during a specified time frame.

    Customize your Chat Window

    Modify the Size, Colors, Position and Content of the visitor widget to suit your website.

    Display your company logo in the chat window to let your website visitors know that they are contacting the right people. The extra trust is especially important if you are managing transactions or handling vital information over chat.

    Chat window messages can be adjusted to make them more relevant for you company. For example, you can change the chat window label from the generic ‘Chat Now!’ to ‘Schedule a demo’ to let visitors know what’s the purpose of your chat.

    What a better way to greet international clients than in their own language? The chat window has been translated into multiple languages, which will allow you to greet both domestic and international customers in their native tongue.

    With a bit of CSS magic, you can easily change any part of the chat window, both in terms of looks as well as behavior. To get you started, we prepared a bunch of materials on chat window configuration. We’ll also be glad to help!

    • Real-Time Monitor
    Customize it!

    • Real-Time Monitor
    Plenty of buttons

    Your logo & Buttons

    Make your customer service more personal by customizing your agents profiles. Apart from changing the name and title for the agent, you can choose his or her profile photo.

    Customizable Chat Buttons allow you to finally customizable chat buttons give you a chance to make a more passive but still noticeable help offer

    White Label/ You can use CSS to hide the small ‘Powered by SalesRep’ message in the chat window to offer a brand-less chatting experience.

    • Change Colors
    • Add your logo
    • Select your language
    • select your chat button
    • Personalize your text
    • Add the pre chat fields
    • Chat window themes
  • White label live chat
  • Customizable Chat Buttons
  • Customized Greetings
  • Engagement Graphics
  • Agent profiles
  • CSS customization

  • Engaging customers

    Increase the chances of chatting with your website visitors. Make your chat more visible by adding an eye-catching bubbles and chat buttons. Chat invitations will help you reach visitors automatically.

    Automatic greetings SalesRep Live Chat can detect when visitors take certain actions on your website and issue chat invitations based on those actions. For example, you can set up an invitation with a help offer that will trigger when a visitor has seen several of your help pages. Apart from the initial setup, everything related to those invitations will happen automatically. You simply need to answer all the additional chats.

    Personal greetings To complement your use of automatic chat greetings, you can issue personal, on-demand chat invitations to visitors on your website. This feature allows you to engage valuable prospects that would otherwise leave your website without chatting.

    After-hours contact form Even when you go offline, SalesRep's Live Chat can still gather inquiries from visitors on your website. When you log off, the chat window on your website is replaced with either a direct link to your sites' contact form or our after-hours message form. Using the form, visitors can leave you questions as message. When you come back online, you can answer these messages.

    • Real-Time Monitor
    Engaging customers

    • Real-Time Monitor
    Try It Now!

    Too Many Features to list

    Eye-catching bubbles Make sure your visitors can always spot your chat window by using a custom eye catching bubble. The bubble is a graphic that draws extra attention to your Live Chat. You can either use a bubble from a gallery of ready-made graphics or upload your own bubble that would go in line with your website’s style and design.

    Targeting visitor groups Reach out to specific groups of visitors coming to your website. Our Live Chat will help you identify who is looking to buy something, who needs support and who is a returning customer.

    Conferencing Multiple Agents can collaborate in helping customers they can join each other's chats in private mode or in public mode

    Timeline. When addressing returning customers, you always need to check up on previous communication to ensure the best service. With SalesRep's Live Chat, all previous chats are readily available in the chat window. No need to switch back and forth between the chat and the history.


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