Use our ChatCenter (Live Help Agent) service to generate sales.

Outsource to SalesRep. com Chat Center Agents for as little as $.20 per minute  Chat With us Now! 

  • For our Managed solution we require a $300 setup and training fee to be paid in advance. 
  • This is credited towards your first months billing and up to 1000 minutes of billing so the training and setup becomes free. We bill based on chat traffic with a monthly minimum of $50.00
  • We hold enough money in escrow to cover the cost of 7 days worth of chats. 
  • You only pay for the chat time at rate of $0.20 per minutes or can have a dedicated Rep for $14.00 per hour this Rep could be answering your chats, calling potential customers and doing any market research you need done while not in chat.
  • Collaborate

    You can mix an match your agents vs. ours. If your agents are online then chat will go to them first, by default the priority is set send chat to your agents. You can also set timeouts so if the in house agents does not respond to the site visitors' chat within a given amount of time then the chat will transfer to our 24/7 Live Help Agents. Please note while using your own agents you do not pay the per minute fee you only pay our standard hosting fees. 

    What is SalesRep Chat Center

    The Chat Center agent is SalesRep's Customer Service and Sales Specialist, who is  trained on your products and services. Our agents handle answers your website visitors' questions on your behalf, on-the-spot. This gives your visitors the information they look for, In-Real-Time.

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    Sell more using our live online Sales Reps

    1. Greets and chats with the visitors on your website helping them find what they are looking for
    2. Guides your visitors with the shopping carts if they are stuck, help them complete their purchases
    3. Helps you sell more, while giving your visitors a very pleasant online shopping experience.
    4. Shows them more products, does some cross selling
    5. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Including Holidays.

    How do you benefit?

    • Your sales will increase.
    • Your ROI will be easily demonstrable.
    • Your visitors will have a great experience shopping at your site.
    • Your visitors will refer a lot more people to visit your site.
    • This will increase the traffic on your site, in turn resulting in more sales.

    How do we do this?

    • You don't have to hire anyone. We do all that for you for a fraction of what it would have cost you.
    • You help build a profile online.
    • We interact with your team to train our SalesReps.
    • Once this is done, we are ready to to start taking care of your customers.
    • All you do, is add simple java script code to your pages.

    What does the ChatCenter do?

    Our Chat Center works for you to convert your static website into a live, pleasant and informative experience for your visitors, thus increasing customer satisfaction and generating leads.

      1. Give your web site visitors the information they need, LIVE !
      2. Give this information when they are looking for it, WHILE THEY ARE ON YOUR SITE !
      3. Impress them with top quality "Visitor Care" and convert them into your prospects

    We are offering you live, professional, personalized greeting, customer care and follow up service to your web site visitors using our Help Desk  Ticketing System.

    How does our service benefit your organisation?

    Our personalize LiveHelp service can provide a very positive, productive and long lasting experience to your visitors.
    • Customers may greatly appreciate the personalized service they may receive, thereby increasing their loyalty to your organisation. Long lasting loyalty result in long lasting relations, which if nurtured properly can increase your organisations' revenues and bottom line.
    • Prospects and first timers will be able to get personalized, live answers to specific information, there by increasing the chances of them becoming your customers. Furthermore, you will have clear visibility into the questions that your prospects are asking.

    You will be able to review specific questions that your customers, prospects or first time visitors are asking about your organisation, products, service, and support.

    How does our service work?

    It takes hardly any time to set this up.

    1. The process is very simple. Once you subscribe to our services, we move through three phases: 
    2. Train our agents.
    3. Add the HTML Code to your site  .
    4. We start Answering your customers questions.

    First thing we do is spend some time studying your website, your products and services. We will need a set of FAQ's from you on the type of questions that are generally anticipated by you. We call these Canned Answers.Then we create our own internal FAQ Database from which we create canned answers for your customer. The nice thing about canned answers is that regardless of the Live Help Agent your customers always get the same answers. Our goal is to create a comprehensive FAQ database. Which should cover as many questions as possible. This would typically take 1 day to 2 week depending on the complexity of the products and services offered by your company

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